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Mose Allison - Takes To The Hills - I Don't Worry About A Thing 2xLP

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2018 Vinyl Passion

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    I Don't Worry About A Thing    
A1        I Don't Worry About A Thing
A2        It Didn't Turn Out That Way
A3        Your Mind Is On Vacation
A4        Let Me See
A5        Everything I Have Is Yours
B1        Stand By
B2        Idyll
B3        The Well
B4        Meet Me At No Special Place
B5        The Song Is Ended
        Bonus Tracks    
B6        If You Live
B7        The Seventh Son
        Takes To The Hills    
C1        V-8 Ford Blues
C2        Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
C3        Baby, Please Don't Go
C4        Hey, Good Lookin'
C5        I Love The Life I Live
C6        I Ain't Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares For Me)
C7        Back On The Corner
C8        Life Is Suicide
C9        'Deed I Do
C10        Ask Me Nice
C11        You're A Sweetheart
C12        Mad With You
        Bonus Tracks    
D1        Parchman Farm
D2        Trouble In Mind
D3        That's All Right
D4        Eyesight To The Blind
D5        Blueberry Hill
D6        Young Man's Blues
D7        Lost Mind
D8        Night Right
D9        Fools' Paradise

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